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Edmonds Center for Outpatient Surgery (ECOS)

We perform the majority of our outpatient surgeries at the Edmonds Center for Outpatient Surgery (ECOS). This facility is shared by our otolaryngology practice as well as orthopedic surgeons and general surgeons. This surgery center opened in 2003 and consists of 4 operating rooms. It is fully Medicare and AAAHC certified. The operating rooms and recovery areas are equipped with the most up to date surgical and anesthesia equipment. The facility was designed for safe, intimate patient care and allows for family members to be with patients during recovery. In addition, there is a private room for children. The surgery center is staffed by board certified anesthesiology physicians and highly qualified registered nurses providing preoperative and postoperative care. The center provides a pleasant and comfortable environment for same day surgical procedures. We have also incorporated the InstaTrak surgical navigation system in the surgical center which allows for real time image guided sinus surgical procedures.

Our established patients may remember our originial surgicenter attached to our Edmonds Office. That facility had served our needs very well for the past 10 years. However, due to growth of our practice and our desire for more space in the perioperative period for our patients, our otolaryngology practice has moved our outpatient surgeries to ECOS.

Operating Room

Waiting Room

Preoperative Area

CT Scanner / Image Guided Sinus Surgery
We have an onsite GE Helical CT (CAT) Scanner. This provides the convenience of obtaining high resolution images of the face, sinuses, and skull base (temporal bone) for diagnostic information and surgical planning. Integrated in the software is the InstaTrak program which provides data directly to our outpatient surgical center for precise image guided sinus surgery.

The InstaTrak Surgical Navigation System works to enhance safety of sinus / nasal surgery as well as improve clearance of sinus disease. A computer in the operating room shows a patient's CT scan (high resolution images of the person's sinuses) in 3 dimensions on the video monitor. During sinus surgery, an electromagnetic device continually tracks the location of the surgical instruments within the patient's nasal and sinus cavity. This is accomplished via a headframe the person wears while undergoing the procedure. This information is displayed as a crosshair on the CT images, moving in real-time with the instrument. This allows the surgeon to perform precise surgical dissection of the patients' sinuses while ensuring that surrounding structures are not traumatized.

CT Scanner

CT Scanner Control Room

InstaTrak Guidance Computer in the Operating Room

Balance Assessment / Posturography
We provide comprehensive balance and vestibular testing in our Edmonds office. We perform videonystagmography (VNG) which measures inner ear balance function and associated peripheral eye movement. In addition, we also now provide Computerized Dynamic Platform Posturography (CDPP) testing which allows global assessment of a person's balance system. This information is extremely useful when embarking a course of vestibular therapy (physical therapy course for improving one's sense of balance). We are the only facility in Snohomish County with this apparatus.

Platform Posturography
Testing Appartus

ENG Testing Chair

ENG Testing Instrument

Audiological Department
Our in-house Audiology Department serves our own Puget Sound ENT patients, patients referred from outside physicians, and self-referrals. Services are available Mon-Fri, 8 am - 12 pm and 1pm -5pm. All of our audiologists are State of Washington certified, received their advanced degrees at the University of Washington and are certified to practice Audiology by the national professional organization, ASHA (American Speech - Language - Hearing Association).

Audio Booth

Soundproof Audiology Booth