December 2, 2019

Puget Sound ENT Offers Comprehensive Ear, Nose & Throat Services for Children

According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, pediatric ear, nose and throat disorders remain among the primary reasons for children to visit a physician, with ear infections ranking as the number one reason for an appointment.

It’s no easy task to identify a health care provider for your child. That’s why at Puget Sound ENT we pay attention to the special care required to evaluate and treat ear, nose and throat conditions for younger patients.

Our pediatric otolaryngology team is led by specialists and surgeons with many years of experience, working together with your family to achieve optimum results for your child. From the first visit to pre/post-surgery, our medical staff always walks your family through the process, step-by-step, and answers all your questions.

Here are a few commonly asked questions about Puget Sound ENT’s services for children:

Why should I choose Puget Sound ENT for my child?

Our pediatric team is a regional leader for the treatment of all types of ear, nose and throat conditions for children. Our board-certified otolaryngologists use the latest in technology and medical advancements to provide exceptional care for children of all ages.

What pediatric ENT conditions do you treat?

We offer comprehensive diagnosis, treatment and management of all types of ear, nose and throat conditions including ear infections, rhinitis, sinusitis, septal deviation, tonsillitis and more. Our surgery center is state-of-the-art, and we employ leading surgical techniques that minimize invasiveness, anxiety and pain. We also treat hearing loss and a variety of audiology disorders.

We specialize in the following pediatric ENT services:

  • Tonsil and Adenoid Removal
  • Tonsillectomy
  • Ear Tube Placement
  • Removal of Neck Masses
  • Tongue Tie Release
  • Interior Turbinate Coblation

How do I know when my child needs to be seen for an ear, nose and throat condition?

ENT specialists can play an important role in the care and treatment of a variety of children’s health conditions. Common signs for visiting a Pediatric ENT specialist include snoring, persistent nosebleeds, hearing loss, sinusitis and recurring ear infections. If you are concerned about your child’s ENT health, we always encourage patients to call the clinic to speak with our knowledgeable staff and to schedule an appointment for evaluation.

At Puget Sound ENT, you can expect compassionate care for infants, children and adolescents with ear, nose and throat disorders. With two accessible locations in Edmonds and Mill Creek, we schedule patient appointments as soon as possible, maintain open communication lines, and provide 24-hour support to established and post-surgical patients. To schedule an appointment, call (425) 775-6651 or visit our Contact Us page.