Doctors Backous, Anstead and Clinkscales are now seeing patients in the Seattle area at 515 Minor Ave, Suite 140, Seattle, WA 98104.

  1. NORMAL POST OP COURSE: A small amount of dried blood, clear or blood tinged fluid may be present in the ear canals for a few days. There should not be any drainage after this time, unless ear drops are used. There may be popping, cracking of the ears, or hollow feeling for about a week. Children will often pull on their ears or poke at them. This is normal after tube insertion. It does not mean infection.
  2. Occasionally, there is dizziness after tube insertion. If this occurs, medication can be given to help this. Do not drive if you’re dizzy.
  3. Eardrops may or may not be given after tube insertion. Do not use any other ear preparations.
  4. Your physician will advise you if ear plugs are needed for bathing or swimming.

You should have a post op appointment for 2 weeks after surgery.

For questions, problems or refills, call the office at (425) 775-6651.

Pain medications require a written prescription, so call for a refill before you run out of medication.

Medication or refill requests must be made during office hours.

There is always a doctor on call for emergent problems after office hours: (425) 775-6651

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