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Hearing Devices

At Puget Sound ENT, we focus on connecting people of all ages to the hearing world by evaluating, diagnosing and treating hearing loss. We get to know you in order to offer personalized solutions to improve your ability to communicate with friends, family, at work and when you are doing other things you like to do. We start our process with an accurate hearing test. When reviewing the results with you we determine your listening needs and introduce you to a comprehensive variety of technologies. Together we prescribe the level of technology that is best suited to your listening environments. We offer traditional hearing aids, CROS and BiCROS (contralateral routing of signal) hearing aids, osseointegrated devices (Baha and Ponto), and cochlear implants. We use many of these options for people with hearing loss or deafness in one or both ears. Our team consists of our licensed audiologists, board-certified physicians, office staff, you and any family, friends or caregivers you feel would help to make your journey to hear successful. We also work to connect patients to hearing and therapy services in our state.

In addition to assisting you with the new device selection, counseling, fitting and adjustment, we may recommend accessories such as remote microphones and Bluetooth connection to your phone or TV, to further enhance your listening. We also reprogram current hearing devices, fit here or elsewhere provided we have the computer software to do so. We offer hearing aid repairs, cleaning supplies and batteries.

Our staff audiologists are licensed in the state of Washington to perform diagnostic hearing tests and dispense hearing devices.
We offer a variety of hearing device options, including hearing aids, CROS aids, cochlear implants and osseointegrated hearing devices (Baha and Ponto options).
We fit the latest hearing aid technology, including aids with Bluetooth connectivity and those that are rechargeable.
Our audiologists employ tinnitus therapy to provide relief to patients suffering from tinnitus.


Which type of hearing aid works best?

Hearing aids come in many sizes and styles based on performance capabilities. Many things factor into selecting the right hearing aid including individual hearing loss, listening environments, options required, cosmetic considerations, manual functionality, and budget. The experts at Puget Sound ENT will help guide you through the process from the start.

How do I care for my hearing aid?

Clean your hearing aid per the manufacturer’s recommendations, avoid hair products, be sure to avoid moisture and excessive heat, power off hearing aids during down time, replace dead batteries quickly, and plan to schedule a follow up visit with Puget Sound ENT for a check-up.

Are there different types of hearing loss?

Hearing loss can most often be categorized into three categories: conductive (caused by a condition or disease that impedes the movement of sound waves), sensorineural (damage to the neurons in the inner ear), or central (originates from the central nervous system or the brain). The treatment options vary based on the type of hearing loss that’s occurred.

The best patient care is put into practice every day at Puget Sound ENT — we consider it a privilege to serve you.
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