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Giving you the freedom to sleep – no mask, no hose, no noise

Hypoglossal nerve stimulation is an innovative new therapy for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Currently in the United States, the Inspire implant is the only system available for delivering this therapy. The inspire system is fully implanted, generally in an outpatient procedure. When in use, the device delivers minute electrical impulses to selected branches of the hypoglossal nerve to produce stabilization and widening of the airway during sleep. No external devices or masks are required. The device is able to detect the onset of inspiration and delivers the stimulation only as needed. Each patient is able to turn the device off and on with a hand-held remote, so treatment can be delivered whenever needed and wherever you might be.

Dr. John Parker was the first surgeon in the Pacific Northwest to offer this treatment to his patients. He has had extensive experience in the evaluation of patients interested in this therapy, implantation of the device, and postoperative care of implanted patients. He would be happy to discuss this exciting new therapy with you.

While you’re sleeping, Inspire monitors every breath you take. Based on your unique breathing patterns, the system delivers mild stimulation to key airway muscles, allowing the airway to remain open during sleep.
The Inspire system is placed during an outpatient procedure with patients returning to normal activity within 1 – 2 weeks.
The Inspire Medical System is dedicated to helping people who are unable to get consistent benefit and comfort from CPAP systems and suffer from moderate-to-severe obstructive sleep apnea.
Inspire therapy is controlled with a small handheld remote… no mask or hose needed. Patients simply turn the therapy on before they go to bed and off when they wake up.

“I became acquainted with Puget Sound ENT about four years ago. I sought out help and guidance for my sleep apnea. I worked with the clinic using my CPAP as equipment to reduce the challenges, but I was lucky enough to test to see if I qualified for the new INSPIRE sleep system. Dr. Parker was able to provide the implant for me, and my life has improved more than I ever could have hoped. The staff at the clinic have been very supportive and genuinely caring of my progress, and I am so thankful for such an amazing outcome.”

Kyleen Perry


What does Inspire therapy stimulation feel like?

You should feel only tongue movement from the stimulation. Typically, patients adjust quickly and lose awareness that the device is working. The stimulation should not be painful or uncomfortable and the level is adjustable. Our Inspire therapy-trained doctor will make any adjustments as needed anytime to ensure you sleep in comfort.

Why do some people struggle with CPAP devices?

Many people do not tolerate having the CPAP mask on their face or remove the mask once they fall asleep. Other people develop nasal irritation or obstruction or swallow the pressurized air and develop stomach pain. There are a variety of other issues but approximately 40 percent of patients do not use CPAP regularly.

How do I get started with Inspire therapy?

Begin by setting up an office visit at Puget Sound ENT. Our Inspire trained surgeon Dr. John Parker will determine if Inspire is the right form of treatment for you. If you’re a candidate, our office, and the Inspire reimbursement team, will work with you and your insurance company on next steps including preauthorizing and scheduling the procedure.

The best patient care is put into practice every day at Puget Sound ENT — we consider it a privilege to serve you.
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