From initial assessment, through medical or surgical treatment, the professionals at Puget Sound ENT are there for you.

Our doctors are specialty trained to diagnose and treat disorders of the ear, balance system and to manage people with tumors, infections and unusual problems with the skull base. Our neurotologist has board certification from the American Board of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery in both general ENT and in Nuerotology. Dr. Douglas D. Backous completed a sub-specialized, two-year fellowship in order to be able to partner with neurosurgeons to manage complicated tumors of the brainstem, facial nerve and temporal bone. We offer the latest in hearing aids, cochlear implants, osseointegrated devices and brainstem implants. We continue with research projects focused on clinical issues and patient care delivery. We offer the latest in hearing aids, cochlear implants, osseointegrated devices and brainstem implants.

We continue with research projects focused on clinical issues and patient care delivery. We have an otology fellowship to make our contribution to training the next generation of ear specialists. Our doctors offer continuing education for surgeons, audiologists and students and speak nationally and internationally as they share their clinical experiences with others.

Our comprehensive, multi-disciplinary team of audiologists, surgeons, radiotherapists, speech/language pathologists, nutritionists, and physical therapists to develop personalized care plans to meet your individual needs. We offer surgery in our outpatient surgery center (Edmonds Center for Outpatient Surgery) and in the in-patient setting when needed. We see patients at our clinics in Edmonds and in Puyallup so you can see a specialist closer to home. We work hard so you can relax and take comfort knowing you have the finest expertise and care coordination to support you and your family.

We strive to exceed your expectations with efficient scheduling of appointments, necessary tests and surgery. We understand that not feeling well is stressful and we do all we can to get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Our practice prides itself on providing expert and personalized medical care while respecting your time and we do our bests to keep the cost of care as low as possible.

We treat the following conditions:

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We have some of the finest otolaryngology surgeons – committed to the highest level of excellence and delivering a full spectrum of ear care and hearing restoration services.
At Puget Sound ENT, we treat all types of chronic middle ear disease, from simple treatments to complex surgeries, providing specialized care to both adults and children.
Our physicians are board certified in Otolaryngology (ENT Specialty) and are highly qualified to help patients in the Puget Sound region and beyond with all otology impairments. No matter who you work with, the health and happiness of the patient is our doctors’ number one priority.
Through one-on-one diagnosis and treatment, we use the latest technology including Cochlear Implants and Implantable Hearing Devices to restore the gift of hearing to you.

I experienced Sudden Hearing Loss (SSL) in my left ear at the age of 53, followed by the early stages of hearing loss in my right ear. I’m a vocalist who relies heavily on her ability to hear music to perform. Dr. Doug Backous understood the magnitude of the potential for permanent damage to my hearing should the prednisone injection not take place. However, what gave me confidence to go through with the injection was how Dr. Backous assured me that many people before me have received the same injection from children to adults. After the injection and a two-hour drive home, I realized my hearing had returned at full strength in my right ear. Having a sensitive, caring staff – from the receptionist to the audiologist to Dr. Backous – made all the difference with my confidence in Puget Sound ENT! Their kindness and compassion to my situation, and ability to be empathetic to how I might be feeling was impeccable. Singing is all I know! Having my hearing restored has helped me regain confidence in performing. Any physician can give care. But to provide quality care, to treat patients truly as individuals, be direct in their diagnosis and prognosis, instill faith and confidence about their abilities in their patients… if ever the situation were to arise again, I would make a beeline right back to Puget Sound ENT. They really are the best of the best!

Laurie Miller


How do you become a neurotologist?

Dr. Backous graduated from college at Seattle Pacific University, obtained his medical degree from the University of Washington, completed a six-year residency at Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, TX) and did his two-year Neurotology fellowship at Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore, MD).

What does a neurotologist do?

A neurotologist focuses their practice on treating conditions of the ear, facial nerve and skull base. The take care of advanced conditions related to hearing, balance and facial nerve function.

Will a cochlear implant restore normal hearing?

Although cochlear implant technology is rapidly advancing, the device does not restore someone with severe-to-profound hearing loss to normal hearing.

Performance with the device varies from person to person. Properly selected patients will do much better with a Cl than with a hearing aid. Patients who work hard to listen with their Cl will continue to improve many ears after device switch­ on.

Do children outgrow the internal device requiring an additional surgery after their bodies grow?

The inner ear (cochlea) is full size at birth and the skull is nearly completed growth by ages7-9 years. The internal device is designed to adapt as people grow and rarely needs to be replaced. The external component of the Cl device will be replaced as new advances reach the market.

What is an osseointegrated hearing device?

An 01 is a titanium fixture placed in the skull behind the ear with a minor surgery, which then fills with growing bone. At roughly four to six weeks, our audiologist will connect an external device which will by-pass the middle ear to correct a conductive hearing loss on the same side or will transmit a signal to the opposite side if the same side is deaf. We offer Baha and Ponto at Puget Sound ENT.

The best patient care is put into practice every day at Puget Sound ENT — we consider it a privilege to serve you.

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