Michael Layman

“I was a patient of Dr. Tyler Kimbrough in October 2017, after being referred by my primary care doctor for a lymph gland issue. Dr. Kimbrough took the time to see me the same day and took a biopsy from my neck. He told me he would call as soon as the results were in. Just a couple days later, he called to give me the hard news – I had cancer in my neck. He went ahead and made arrangements to have a PET scan so he could more accurately diagnose my condition. All of this was done within a week and I could not have asked for better care and attention. Dr. Kimbrough quickly identified I had thyroid cancer and was able to get me into surgery to have it removed and stop the tumor from spreading. Because of his high-quality care, the tumor was removed, and I was able to start a successful treatment program of chemo and radiation at the University of Washington Medical Center. I have been cancer free since then and would certainly recommend Dr. Kimbrough. I’m very thankful I was able to see him when I did and will always be thankful for his professional care.”

Bernice Holfeld

“My first visit at Puget Sound ENT took place in 2012 and I worked with Dr. Shawn Rogers. I came to Dr. Rogers with multiple polyps in both sides of my sinuses and she informed me that surgery was required. Dr. Rogers was always punctual, and she talked to her patients in terms they could easily understand. I was treated very professionally and with consideration. The way I was made to feel comfortable and informed really stood out to me. I have felt great since the surgery. I am well-aware that polyps do return and if need be, I would not hesitate to have the surgery again through this practice. I would most definitely recommend Dr. Rogers to family and friends.”

Sandra Mack

“I worked with Dr. Kimbrough at Puget Sound ENT for allergies and had a bad sinus infection. I love him. I was one of his first patients. It’s been years. I instantly liked him. I’m a hairdresser and started sending my clients to him. The staff and doctors at Puget Sound are amazing. I had an issue where my ear didn’t pop after a flight and when I called, they got me in within hours. They acknowledge that you’re there immediately and if you have an appointment, they make sure you won’t wait too long. They really go out of their way. I could go on and on. Dr. Kimbrough is amazing and so personable. He is careful and so clear. I told him he needs a cape — he’s one of my heroes.”

Kyleen Perry

“I became acquainted with Puget Sound ENT about four years ago. I sought out help and guidance for my sleep apnea. I worked with the clinic using my CPAP as equipment to reduce the challenges, but I was lucky enough to test to see if I qualified for the new INSPIRE sleep system. Dr. Parker was able to provide the implant for me, and my life has improved more than I ever could have hoped. The staff at the clinic have been very supportive and genuinely caring of my progress, and I am so thankful for such an amazing outcome.”

Charu Kapnadak

“The INSPIRE implant for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea has been absolutely life-changing for me. I had chronic sinus infections due to a deviated septum and anatomical deformation of my sinuses. Working with Dr. Rogers and Dr. Parker, I had sinus surgery in 2011, and then twice again in 2017. My first surgery made breathing so much easier, and I’ve had barely any trace of sinus infection since then. I really appreciated that both doctors gave me my options and were willing to answer any questions I had. I never felt pressured into surgery, which is a huge decision, and I was able to make up my mind on my own time. I can now drive to work without having to stop and get out of my car every morning (because I was too sleepy for my 40-minute commute), I don’t have nightmares anymore, and I feel well-rested throughout the whole day. Going to sleep is no longer stressful for me. Puget Sound ENT has been so helpful in coordinating my INSPIRE appointments and figuring out billing for my insurance, which was not my experience at other clinics I worked with in the past.”

Laurie Miller

“I experienced Sudden Hearing Loss (SSL) in my left ear at the age of 53, followed by the early stages of hearing loss in my right ear. I’m a vocalist who relies heavily on her ability to hear music to perform. Dr. Doug Backous understood the magnitude of the potential for permanent damage to my hearing should the prednisone injection not take place. However, what gave me confidence to go through with the injection was how Dr. Backous assured me that many people before me have received the same injection from children to adults. After the injection and a two-hour drive home, I realized my hearing had returned at full strength in my right ear. Having a sensitive, caring staff – from the receptionist to the audiologist to Dr. Backous – made all the difference with my confidence in Puget Sound ENT! Their kindness and compassion to my situation, and ability to be empathetic to how I might be feeling was impeccable. Singing is all I know! Having my hearing restored has helped me regain confidence in performing. Any physician can give care. But to provide quality care, to treat patients truly as individuals, be direct in their diagnosis and prognosis, instill faith and confidence about their abilities in their patients… if ever the situation were to arise again, I would make a beeline right back to Puget Sound ENT. They really are the best of the best!”

Cyndi Crull

“I have been a Puget Sound ENT patient for more than 15 years. Dr. Duncan Riddell has been my physician. I receive an allergy shot every two weeks to help with my bronchitis. I no longer get Bronchitis at a pace of three or more times each year. The reception and medical team are always friendly and helpful. It means a lot to know that I have a whole team of doctors available when needed. They all know me by name and I receive a warm welcome every time I go. As a 60+ year old woman, it is comforting to know that I have a whole team standing behind me. They shall be my team for as long as I am on this planet. They are a wonderful group of care providers!”

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